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Below are comments we have received from Energy for Keeps readers since the first edition was published in 2003.

If you have comments — or suggestions for the next edition of Energy for Keeps — please e-mail Marilyn Nemzer at 24hrcleanpower@gmail.com (We won’t publish your comment without your explicit permission.)



“I’ve been working on energy education for years now, and Energy for Keeps is still one of the best books on the subject that I’ve found.”

Joel Rosenberg
Lawrence Hall of Science
U.C. Berkeley

“I applaud your clear and comprehensive coverage of this important and pressing topic. I particularly like the chapter focusing on how energy management strategies and choices affect our daily lives. Your book makes an important contribution to the future environmental health of our nation and to school age students who must learn how to grapple with how to provide clean energy for a burgeoning population. Thank you for your commitment to our schools and our future generations.”

Assistant Superintendent
(preferred we not use name)
of a County Office of Education

“For anyone looking for a resource book on renewable energy – look no more. Energy for Keeps is cleverly written and illustrated to engage and inform audiences about energy resources and the generation of electricity. With Ben Franklin as host, the journey is a historical, as well as scientific, exploration of our energy options and their consequences.”

Susan T. Schleith
Education Coordinator
Florida Solar Energy Center

“I’ve shared your book with a bunch of colleagues and we all think it’s a great product. This summer we are running a Renewable Energy Content Institute, to teach teachers of grades 5-8 how to incorporate the science and engineering of renewable technologies into their classrooms. We’re hoping to use Energy for Keeps as a text. We think it’s a great resource for teachers.”

Brian Gravel
Center for Engineering Educational Outreach
Tufts University

“Not only do the authors endorse renewable energy sources but they explore personal, local, and national decisions that can promote responsible energy use. Written for an audience of middle and high schoolers, this informative, descriptive, and smartly illustrated book would be an ideal resource for a professional development seminar as well. ”

David Tumbarello
Reviewer for NSTA Recommends
National Science Teachers Association

“At long last, a crucial issue for the survival of our society — electricity from renewable energy — has received comprehensive and clear treatment.”

Dr. Kevin Starr
State Librarian of California, Emeritus

“The third expanded edition of ENERGY FOR KEEPS: CREATING CLEAN ELECTRICITY FROM RENEWABLE RESOURCES provides the latest details on green energy sources, from ocean energy and solar power to biomass and geothermal. Explanations of how electricity is produced from a range of sources accompanies a survey useful as a classroom tool for students of science and social studies from 6th grade into college. Packed with inviting illustrations and clear explanations, this is a pick for a wide range of collections.”

“I’m very pleased to inform you that the July 2010 issue of our library newsletter ‘Wisconsin Bookwatch’ features Energy for Keeps. … Energy Education Group provides a fascinating and thoughtful read that has plenty to educate readers about. Energy for Keeps is a fine addition to any environmental studies collection.”

James A. Cox
Editor-in Chief
Midwest Book Review

“This is awesome! Nobody covers all the bases in one package as well as this book. Great job! The artwork is very catchy.”

Matt Kuhn
Education Programs Manager
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“Well done. A great addition to teacher resources. I’m thrilled that we will be able to add this to the resource package for the video as well as Energy Quest. That sound you hear is applause!”

Susanne Garfield
Media and Public Communications Office
California Energy Commission

“I received Energy for Keeps: Electricity from Renewable Energy today. I just love it and already know teachers who will use it for projects they are currently doing in the classroom. Who knows what other sparks of ideas will come from this wonderful publication!! Thanks for letting me participate and please keep me on your list. I love collaborating with you.”

Pat Byrne
Education Specialist
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

“I am very impressed with the book and would love to see it included in Hawaii’s curriculum…. I’ve got meetings with State Legislative Education, Energy & Environment Committees next week and plan to reference Energy for Keeps. It truly is a landmark publication.”

Jacqui L. Hoover
Administrative & Projects Manager
Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

“We would like to see this great text available in the major languages of the Americas; i.e., Spanish, French and Portuguese…. We hope that your translation work will yield a harvest of excited young people.”

Vincente Beazel
Solar Power Communities
Tehachapi, CA

“Great job and graphics!”

Edward H. Brzezowski, P.E.
Facility Energy Services, Inc.
Chester, NJ

“Marilyn, It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone. I love your book on Energy. It provides a wonderful approach to understanding energy source transformation into electricity. Please send a copy as soon as possible. I will also, share the book with my wife who is a librarian with the hopes that she too will see the value in your book and order a copy. Thanks again!”

Christopher Senger
Golden Energy Services – “ Providing Direction in Energy Markets “

“Thank you so very much for the new book. I have gone through it from cover to cover. You have to be so PROUD! It is quite an accomplishment.”

Pat Herron
Chief Facilities Officer
Orange County Public Schools
Orlando, Florida

“A very nice book on such a hot issue as energy. A valuable help for teachers in the struggle to keep alive the ‘scientific mind’ of young students.”

Roberto Francini
Department of Physics
Università di Roma
Rome, Italy

“We are currently in the midst of a science project for the freshmen on energy sources, and your book Energy for Keeps is VERY popular. Is it possible for me to get two more copies to keep up with demand?”

Lori Deibel
Library Director
The Branson School
Ross, California

“I thought this publication was a marvelous collection of knowledge on renewable energy. I am a teacher in Ireland and I have been trying to source a textbook that would be both as informative and interesting as this book. However I cannot find a book that offers the same combination without being too technical. I like the format of the book and feel it is a very easy read. I think this book would be a fantastic teaching resource and includes some great ideas for projects. It is obvious that a lot of work has gone into the publication and congratulations to the authors and editor.”

Frank Monaghan
Student Teacher
Limerick University

“I am excited about these books! I haven’t read anything like it and its comprehensive look at many different types of renewable energy, especially the wave energy. I just love it! Our Solar In the Schools program is growing and I can’t wait to market this book to local educators!”

Stacy Stein
Membership Coordinator
Solar Energy International
Carbondale, CO

“Our instructors and the teachers who reviewed your book love it! We are excited to have it as reference and enrichment at our coming Math Institute which features renewable energy resources as its focused application area.”

Ellen Matheny
Director, Education & Outreach
University of Washington
College of Forest Resources
Olympic Natural Resources Center
Forks, Washington

“Congratulations! Energy for Keeps is the recipient of an Honorable Mention in the 2006 Green Power Pilot Award category for cutting-edge outreach. The competition in the Green Power Pilot Award category was the most impressive, and only the best nominations made it to the top. The Selection Committee thought the Energy for Keeps work was important, and significant for the industry and its future. The program is deserving of national recognition.”

2006 Green Power Leadership Awards Selection Committee

“It is excellent! Looks like you had an allstar cast of advisors, and the layout and organization are great!”

Meredith Owens
Energy Management Supervisor
Alameda Power and Telecom
Alameda, California

“We were very impressed with your publication and pleased to see the big section on hydrogen and fuel cells. Best of luck in your educational efforts.”

Bernadette Geyer
Director of Outreach Programs
US Fuel Cell Council
Washington, DC

“I’d like to see that text get into every classroom in the country!!”

Donald W. Aitken, Ph.D.
Consultants in renewable energy applications
and policy and sustainable architecture

Berkeley, California

“Many thanks for the wonderful book – a terrific job! I hope it gets a lot of use in the schools.”

Dr. Ron DiPippo
Associate Dean of Engineering
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

“I’m looking forward to reading (and rereading) this book and to sharing it with others!”

Ted Schultz
Satisfied customer

“Your book is a treasure. Scientifically accurate, clearly written, with inviting diagrams — all of which helps beginning learners, of all ages, build an understanding of electricity. Many will ‘see the light’ about the value of renewables.”

“Congratulations on writing a book that is badly needed since only 12% of American students surveyed understand how electricity is generated!”

Fran Barhydt
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Vermont Energy Education Program
Lower Waterford, VT

“It was a treat celebrating your new book’s publication – am now reading it I’m learning there’s so much information about energy that I’ve missed. It’s fun to read it the way you’ve presented it in this book!.”

Branwell Fanning
Tiburon, CA


“…I just love it. What a fantastic resource!”

Fayth Ross
GreenPower Outreach Administrator
Desert Research Institute
Reno, NV


“If you only own one book in your home library about renewable resources and electricity, make it Energy for Keeps. This concise reference book is written in a language that students, adults, and professionals will all understand.

Within the illustrated pages, you’ll find information on all renewable resources, the science of electricity generation, energy history, energy-related environmental considerations, energy policy, and energy management and efficiency.

The paperback book is just under 200 pages in length and has five chapters. Chapter one, A Brief History of Energy, shows us our use of energy has changed over time. Chapter two, Energy and Electricity, explains how we produce and deliver most of our electricity today. Chapter three, Energy Sources For Electricity Generation, explains how and where we get our different sources to produce energy. Chapter four, Energy, Health, and the Environment, shows us how our choices about energy affect our health and the environment around us. And chapter five, Energy Management Strategies and Energy Policy, demonstrates how energy decisions made today will affect both our lives, and those that will come after us.

Each of the chapters begins with a vocabulary list in the margin of the page, all of which are defined in the glossary in the appendix. The chapter’s sections end with a section called Considerations. These are basically the pros and cons of the concept covered in that section. I appreciate that the authors don’t just give the good points, but are also honest in any drawbacks of the technology.

Also in the appendix is an energy timeline, starting in 4 million B.C. (wait, what?) where they believe the first known use of tools to be in East Africa. The timeline ends with 2010 with an estimated 25 percent of the world’s population not having access to electricity.

Hands down, my favorite part of the book is the illustrations. They remind me of the David Macaulay books in their design. They are very informational, yet so simple that a child can understand. Literally. My six-year-old can look at many of the graphics and explain to me what it’s saying. Granted, I may have to explain what some of the words are, but he can tell me what the graphics are illustrating and demonstrating.

While the text was originally aimed at furthering energy literacy in the general public, it also works well as a teaching tool. There are student activities and other supplementary information that can be downloaded for free on the website. Altogether, you could feasibly use this as a semester of science for middle grades, or add in some supplementary reading and essay writing and you’ve got yourself a high school course.

At the same time, Energy for Keeps is such a fun book that it could be left out on a coffee table to be flipped through, or if you’re like me and spend a lot of time waiting in the truck, this would be a good read to keep in there to help pass the time. Engaging, entertaining, and good practical information. Energy for Keeps is a great read for all ages.”

Product review by Jeniffer Do Nascimento
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC
May, 2017
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