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About Us

The Energy Education Group (aka Educators for the Environment) is a division of The California Study, Inc., a domestic nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Tiburon, California. Our expertise is in energy education with a focus on power generation. Our goal is to help people understand where our electricity comes from and how energy choices affect our lives, our environment, and future generations.Energy for Keeps was developed and edited by Marilyn Nemzer, M.A., Executive Director of The California Study, Inc. Ms. Nemzer has been collaboratively producing award-winning energy education projects and materials for over 15 years. She serves on several state and national advisory boards that focus on energy and the environment and is a trustee of the Marin County Board of Education.Deborah Page, M.A., is the lead writer of Energy for Keeps. Ms. Page is a teacher with over a decade of experience writing friendly semi-technical documents on renewable energy and energy conservation.Anna Carter is the book’s technical editor. Ms. Carter is an energy consultant who has worked in the renewable energy field for over 20 years, specializing in regulatory compliance, project permitting, and public information.Our talented team has worked together since 1992 to create quality energy education materials for both the general public and the classroom. We are committed to high standards of accuracy. Throughout the two years of research and writing devoted to Energy for Keeps, we were assisted by over 75 contributing experts in energy, engineering, and electricity generation.

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